How To Pin Messages In Whatsapp

How To Pin Messages In Whatsapp
How To Pin Messages In Whatsapp

How to Pin Messages in WhatsApp: The feature to pin messages inside of conversations and chat groups is being rolled out by the well-known instant messaging service WhatsApp.

The new function appears to be a development of the ability to pin conversations and groups that you most commonly interact with, allowing users to pin messages in WhatsApp so they always remain at the top of chats and chat groups.

Please be aware that although you can pin several chats in your list, you can only pin one message at a time within chats.

As we previously indicated, the feature is accessible in both groups and one-on-one conversations. If the latter, it is clear that the group administrator has the authority to allow other members to pin messages.

Pinning messages in WhatsApp chats is a simple process. You start by selecting the message you want to pin at the top and long-pressing it. This will open the context menu, from where you need to select “Pin.” WhatsApp will then ask you to select the time period for which you want to pin the message.

There are three windows: 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days. WhatsApp says that 7 days will be the default option, so if you accidentally forget to choose the time, the app will choose it automatically. Having a timer set means that once it is reached, WhatsApp will automatically delete the pinned message.

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How To Pin Messages In Whatsapp: what’s the point?

The principle is simple. WhatsApp says pinned messages will allow you to “easily highlight important messages in group or 1:1 chats,” helping users save time so “they can find timely messages more easily.”

How To Pin Messages In Whatsapp
How To Pin Messages In Whatsapp

Which messages on WhatsApp can be pinned in a chat?

According to WhatsApp, you’ll be able to pin every message—text, poll, image, and emojis—at the top of your conversations. This will be available on the web, iOS, and Android platforms.

How to Pin Messages in WhatsApp: Group members should know this

Group members have the ability to pin messages with permission, and whenever a message is pinned, other group members will be notified who pinned it and when. A user won’t be able to see a pinned message if they join the group after it’s been sent. The same policy applies if they delete or lose their chat history or remove a message before it is pinned.

FAQ: How to Pin Messages in WhatsApp

How do I put a pin on my WhatsApp chat?

1. Launch WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone phone.
2. To pin a chat on an Android device, first tap and hold it, and then select Pin chat.
3. To pin a chat on your iPhone, swipe right on it and then tap Pin.

How to pin a WhatApp message on Android

1. Tap and hold the message you want to pin to select it.
2. Tap the menu above to see your options.
3. Select Pin, then choose how long you want the message to be pinned to the top. Currently, you can choose between 24 hours, 7 days (default) or 30 days. The message will be unpinned when the time expires.

How to pin a WhatApp message on iPhone

1. To pin a message, select it by tapping and holding it.
2. From the context menu, select More.
3. Select Pin and specify whether you want it to stay at the top for 24 hours, 7 days (the default), or 30 days. The message will be unpinned once the timer runs out.
You can, of course, unpin a pinned message at any time.


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