Samsung Galaxy Ring Debut: Price Leaks & Subscription Fees

Samsung Galaxy Ring
Samsung Galaxy Ring | Source: Youtube

Samsung made a new move into the wearables market with the Samsung Galaxy Ring Reveal in February. The new type of digital wearable has yet to unveil all of its details and functions, as we just received a brief teaser in February. We still don’t know much about this smart ring, and cost has been one of the key worries until now. A recent leak from the trustworthy Yogesh Brar has revealed a likely price for the forthcoming Galaxy Ring.

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Samsung Galaxy Ring: Under $400 with a Monthly Subscription

Yogesh Brar, a source, claims that the Galaxy Ring will cost between $300 and $350 in the US. We might say that it is reasonably affordable to a large audience given the price tag. While some people may not be willing to spend that much on a smart ring, individuals who enjoy trying out innovative concepts will undoubtedly give it a try.

The fact that there will be a membership is the more intriguing detail—and one that might cause some people to wonder. The precise implications of this subscription for the final product are unknown to us. It’s unclear if this is a need for the features or if they will be added for a better user experience. All we can do is wait for more information.

Samsung Health will have a monthly subscription fee of “under $10.” This was stated by Samsung Electronics VP Dr. Hon Pak in a CNBC review when the ring was first shown. For example, Fitbit’s Premium subscription costs $10 a month for a year, while Apple Fitness+ costs the same. Finally, the Oura Ring, a direct competitor to the Galaxy Ring, requires a monthly payment of $6 per month or $70 annually.

The main question here is just what Galaxy Ring intends to give. Rumors indicate integration with services such as Samsung Food, which could provide more precise meal plans and nutrition recommendations. The information can be calibrated using all of the data sent by the ring. We anticipate that further information will become available soon.

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Galaxy Ring to Integrate with Samsung Food as a Digital Nutritionist

A recent source suggests that Samsung’s next Galaxy Ring would have a strong emphasis on being a health-conscious wearable, which may entail using Samsung Food to recommend foods to you.

According to ChoSun Biz, a Korean journal, Samsung wants to combine the Galaxy Ring with Samsung Food, an app it just purchased that provides meal plans and recipes. According to the report, the purpose of connecting the two would be to assist in creating a diet plan, much like a nutritionist might, based on the user’s health data that Ring has collected.

There would also appear to be a connection with Samsung appliances for homes.

A Samsung official clarified (translated):

Samsung Food creates a personalized menu via the Galaxy Ring, and when connected to a Samsung refrigerator equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) vision, Samsung Food analyzes the ingredients in the refrigerator and proposes ready-to-cook dishes and recipes. The personalized recipe’s cooking values are supplied directly to the Samsung oven, eliminating the need for separate temperature and time settings. Missing items can also be delivered via the Samsung e-Food Center.

It’s a fascinating concept, to say the least, and one that might actually work given the Galaxy Ring’s emphasis. Samsung is marketing the wearable as more than just a basic health tracker, as it can help you learn about your health more accurately because it can be worn for longer periods of time without needing to be recharged. Previous reports indicated up to nine days of use on a single charge.

Samsung Food is now accessible for free. The app was rebranded from “Whisk” late last year. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Ring is slated to debut later this year.

Samsung Galaxy Ring: May Launch in 9 Sizes; Bluetooth SIG Suggests

Samsung Galaxy Ring Spotted on Bluetooth SIG Certification

  • The Samsung Galaxy Ring was previously leaked with eight model numbers, believed to represent the various ring sizes.
  • The Samsung Galaxy Ring, model number SM-Q503, is mentioned in the Bluetooth SIG database. This one was missing from the list of Galaxy Ring model numbers.
  • This rumor suggests that the Galaxy Ring will be available for sale in at least nine unique sizes at launch. Additionally, the listing verifies that Bluetooth 5.4 will be included with the Galaxy Ring for wireless connectivity.
  • This is a wearable device; therefore, it will link to your smartphone, allowing you to view the data and records generated by the Galaxy Ring. Because the Bluetooth SIG (Special Interest Group) trademarks and licenses devices using Bluetooth technology, this is a required step that indicates an anticipated launch.


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