7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on netflix

7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on netflix
7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on netflix

7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix: When the weather is cooler and you’re in the mood for a cozy watch, here’s a list of new shows and movies to watch on Netflix, Prime Video, and other top streaming services this weekend.

Leading the lineup is the premium video-on-demand release of “Killers of the Flower Moon,” starring the legendary Martin Scorsese with two of his iconic stars, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. Also on the list are the post-apocalyptic thriller “Leave the World Behind,” the detective drama “Mr. Monk’s Case,” and the animated holiday fun “Merry Little Batman.” Enjoy your weekend binge-watching!

On the TV side, The Great British Baking Show: Holidays is back with sweet recipes. Here’s our guide to what to see this weekend.

7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on netflix
7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix

The Great British Baking Show: Holidays Season 6 (Netflix)

‘It’s time to cook! It’s been a busy year for baking shows. They released a new season of the main series, a spinoff for professionals, and a season for juniors.

Guess what? Last year’s special episode of the Great British Bake-Off is now on Netflix, a full year after it was shown in the UK. So, you’ll see Matt Lucas (from last year) with Noel Fielding. And of course, there’s judges Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith, tasting delicious desserts created by returning bakers Terry Christian, Mikita Oliver, Tony Robinson, Gabby Roslin, and Claire Sweeney. Enjoy sweet treats and a holiday atmosphere.

Mr. Monk’s Last Case: A Monk Movie

The USA Network show is getting a lot of attention. First of all, Suits was a big hit on streaming over the summer. And now, Monk is making a comeback. Tony Shalhoub, who won an Emmy for playing a detective with multiple eccentricities, has returned to play Adrian Monk during the pandemic. This time, it’s the “last case” (let’s wait and see about that). In this mystery, Monk takes on a case involving his beloved stepdaughter, Molly, who is a journalist and preparing for her wedding. This would certainly be an interesting and perhaps bizarre investigation!

The Criminal (Hulu)

In most heist stories, the plot usually ends when the criminals have successfully completed their plan and parted ways. However, for criminals, this is just the beginning. After a successful robbery, the crew members, led by mastermind Diane (played by Gemma Arterton), make money and move on to new lives.

But things take a turn for the worse when a mysterious and ruthless killer begins targeting them personally. Now, to protect themselves, their loved ones, and each other, they must come together again. The former team, consisting of former bodyguard Joe (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) and con artist Officer (Kirby Howell-Baptiste), must find out who is stalking them and uncover the mystery behind the deadly threat. It’s an intriguing tale of mystery as they once again unite to face the looming threat. [7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix]

Archie (Britbox)

This biographical series focusing on the life of Archibald Alexander Leach stars Jason Isaacs, best known as the iconic Cary Grant. The show highlights the early years of young Archibald, portrayed by Denton Anderson, Archie Oakley Pendergast, and Callum Lynch. Born into poverty in Bristol in 1904, he rose through vaudeville and stage musicals before becoming a Hollywood leading man.

As Cary Grant rises to worldwide fame, the series explores not only his external success but also his internal struggle with personal demons and turbulent romantic relationships. Despite his global recognition, Grant faces challenges in his personal life. The four-part limited series is a collaboration featuring his ex-wife, Dyan Cannon, and daughter, Jennifer Grant, offering an intimate and comprehensive look at the legendary actor’s life. [7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix]

Killers of the Flower Moon (PVOD)

Martin Scorsese, along with his longtime collaborators Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro, have come up with a big movie that is generating a lot of buzz. Originally seen in theaters with a runtime of approximately 3.5 hours, it is now available via premium video on demand, allowing it to be paused and watched at your own pace.

Based on David Grann’s bestselling nonfiction book, “Killers of the Flower Moon” unfolds in 1920s Oklahoma during a turbulent period marked by violent attacks on members of the oil-rich Osage Nation. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Ernest Burkhart, a war veteran who returns to live with his uncle, William King Hale, played by Robert De Niro. Hale works as an ally for the tribe but hatches a secret plot against them. Burkhart married an Osage woman, Mollie, portrayed by Lily Gladstone, and became embroiled in the brutal events that would later be known as the “Reign of Terror.” The film explores a gripping and historically important chapter, highlighting the complexities of power, betrayal, and justice. [7 new movies and shows to watch this weekend on Netflix]

My Little Batman (Prime Video)

‘Tis the season for animated holiday specials, and there’s a new family action comedy in town that stars young Damian Wayne. This little boy has one big desire: to be like his legendary father, Batman. His dream comes true when Batman is called on a mission by the Justice League, leaving Damian alone on Christmas Eve.

With supervillains including the Joker and the Penguin plotting to steal Christmas from the good people of Gotham City, it’s up to Damian to save the holidays. The only problem is that he first has to figure out how to adjust the batsuit to fit his pint-sized frame. Get ready for a festive adventure as Damian takes up the mantle of the bat to ensure a merry Christmas for Gotham.


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