Best 5 Netflix Christmas Romance Movies

Best 5 Netflix Christmas Romance Movies
Best 5 Netflix Christmas Romance Movies

Best 5 Netflix Christmas Romance Movies: At Christmas time, you need a movie that is so lighthearted and romantic that you can’t help but enjoy it. Even though the movie has a predictable plot, clichéd lines, and not-so-amazing acting, it’s still hard to resist the holiday appeal. Considering everything we’ve been hearing in the news lately, it’s easy to avoid these movies. Since, miraculously, none of that happens in our favorite cheesy romantic holiday movies, they’re a guaranteed source of delightful entertainment. Here we have given you the best 5 Netflix Christmas romance movies that you will love.

Netflix apparently thinks so too, so they have some great Christmas romance movies with an added dose of cheese factor. Although you may roll your eyes a bit while watching, these movies will bring a smile to your face and fill you with warm feelings.

1. A Castle For Christmas

There’s nothing like traveling to a foreign country to escape your problems. That’s what renowned author Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) has to do when she travels to Scotland to escape the backlash for murdering one of her most famous characters. Fortunately, he discovered that fans there loved his books, including the most recent novel that brought him the most trouble in the United States.

While in the area, she also traces her family’s roots, visiting the castle where her father worked as a groundskeeper. He discovers it is for sale and encounters the disgruntled Duke, Cary Elwes’s Miles Dunbar. He agrees to sell it to her only if she lives with him for 90 days. The unexpected happens, and the two fall in love. Although the plot is incredibly predictable, you will enjoy every moment of this charming Christmas romance.

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2. Love Actually

Love Actually is one of the most beloved Christmas romance movies of all time. There’s so much cheese in it; it’s like a melted piece of Velveeta. It tells the intertwined love stories between families, friends, lovers, and colleagues. The huge cast includes big-name actors like Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Laura Linney, Keira Knightley, Colin Firth, and Emma Thompson.

This movie is remarkably great for the holiday season because not everything for the eight couples works like a beautifully wrapped package. Sometimes, love is one-sided. Other times, it’s not quite the right time. There’s also plenty of humor, delivered by the often hilarious Bill Nighy, who plays an aging singer who releases a very sappy Christmas song—and knows it. If cheesy Christmas romance movies are on your list to watch this holiday season, this film is not to be missed.

3. Holidate Starring Emma Roberts

We all know no one wants to attend a holiday party alone. The Christmas movie Holidate explores this debacle when Emma Roberts’ Sloane and Luke Bracey’s Jackson grow tired of terrible dates and interference from family members. When they bump into each other while returning gifts at a store, they decide to be each other’s partners for upcoming holiday parties. The two never intended to fall in love, only to ease the burden of family gatherings.

The films feature holidays throughout the year, starting with New Year’s Eve and ending with Christmas. However, as the story progresses, a romance emerges, encouraging you to take a closer look at their relationship. The excellent chemistry between Roberts and Bracey and the strong supporting cast, including perennial comedian Kristin Chenoweth, make this a movie you’ll definitely enjoy.

4. The Knight Before Christmas

If you’ve ever wondered where your knight in shining armor is, it’s probably somewhere in the Middle Ages. The Night Before Christmas, on the other hand, resolves the situation thanks to a witch who sends Josh Whitehouse’s Sir Cole to present-day Ohio during the holiday season.

Brooke, Vanessa Hudgens’ kind-hearted science teacher, accidentally bumps into her in her car. When she realizes that he has forgotten his name and has no identification, she offers him an overnight stay at her home. Brooke is unaware that Sir Cole is on a grand quest. Amidst the Christmas celebration and Sir Cole’s discovery of modern advances, romance blossoms. Despite the fact that you may have to suspend your disbelief a bit, this is one of the best Christmas romance movies.

5. Holiday in the Wild

Holiday in the Wild may not be your stereotypical Christmas movie. However, it includes the romantic cheese we love with just enough holiday spirit to meet the mood of the season. Kristen Davis stars as Kate Conrad, who surprises her husband with a second honeymoon trip to Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, he confesses he’s in love with another woman, leaving Kate with one thought: should she go on the trip anyway?

Obviously, she does leave for the trip. However, when her pilot, Rob Lowe’s Derek, has to land the plane in the wild, she becomes involved in his life as an elephant conservationist. She bonds with a baby elephant she helps save, gently delivering an essential message to viewers about the threat of poachers to the elephant community. It’s a charming movie to watch with everyone in your family.


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