Kendall Toole Leaves Peloton After 5 Years

Kendall Toole
Kendall Toole

Kendall Toole said goodbye to her Peloton family.

On June 13, the 31-year-old revealed in an Instagram post that she would be quitting the firm after nearly five years. “It’s with great consideration and many, many, many hours of reflection, but I’m choosing to close my chapter at Peloton,” wrote Toole, a cycling, boxing, and strength exercise instructor on the site.

She went on to praise the corporation for “this incredible, life-changing opportunity,” as well as her fans for “letting me into your homes, into your hearts, and in many cases—I hope—into the shadowy parts of your mind where sometimes things can get a little tough.”

Even though she would no longer be with Peloton, Tool stated that this was not the end. “Before we get too sentimental, please don’t assume I’m saying goodbye. “I’m not; this is just a shift,” Toole explained. “I will continue to check in on social media and beyond. This is more of an ‘I’ll see you in the next chapter’ vibe.”

“Stay tuned for what’s next, and I will see you on the next adventure,” she said. “Love you.”

In his comments, Tool stated that he is “forever grateful and passionate” for the support of his fans and their “willingness to be vulnerable for all of us.”

“To the community that has become my friends and family and has stayed in the fight with me, I can’t thank them enough,” he stated. “It’s been an absolute honor, especially to every single member of the Knockout and NKO crew who enjoyed all the fun, the craziness, and the joy.”

Thank you for riding with me, sweating with me, crying with me, growing and changing with me, and being dedicated to showing up for yourself in every way possible so that we can show up for the people in our lives,” Tool added. “And that kind of commitment to yourself is truly awesome.”

He concluded his video with an uplifting phrase from his father: “They can knock you down, but they can never take you down.”

On June 3, Toole hinted at the move with an Instagram post that said, “Shedding a skin and removing an armor that no longer serves; you’re raw for a while.” Tender for a time. I was waiting for the wind of all that change not to burn and for my eyes to stop watering at every turn. Exhausted. “Relentless,” she wrote.

“Don’t ever forget: tenderness is transformed,” she said. “This is a new thing. The next level. Uncharted seas and uninked pages. Wholeheartedly, unashamedly, joyfully, and completely new. 61324.”

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The renowned teacher joined the firm in September 2019.

At the time, she expressed her joy at the position on Instagram, saying, “I knew the day @codyrigsby called and said, “Hey, boo, you got the job,” my life was about to change, but I never knew just how beautiful it was about to become.”

“This INCREDIBLE community (scratch that) FAMILY @onepeloton has not only welcomed me with open arms but accepted and embraced this chatty little punching rocker-chick from California with open minds and hearts. 🙏🏼,” she tweeted. “I CANNOT WAIT TO GROW TOGETHER, to discover more of our strength together, to take that #maskoff and be proud of our vulnerabilities together, and to sweat all as one team and “ONE PELOTON.”

In addition to her profession as a teacher, Toole has frequently utilized her courses and social media presence to emphasize the significance of mental health treatment, including leading an emotional Mental Health Awareness Month ride on Peloton.

Back in 2021, he spoke with people about his mental health difficulties while at the corporation.

“Being able to open up was a wonderful experience. When you’re given a platform and a wonderful chance, it feels odd to urge people to be their best selves,” Tool said at the time. “It’s been important to be able to talk about mental health, bring it out of the shadows, and help end the stigma.”

The fitness guru also stressed the value of self-care, which Tool described as the “best thing” to be a part of when people decide to join a Peloton class at that time.

Hearing that people are using bikes, movement, and physical activity to honor themselves is truly transformative,” he said. And I’m happy to be a part of that process.


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