Paddington 3: Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and More Info

Paddington 3
Paddington 3

Paddington 3: Now dubbed “Paddington in Peru—will bring everyone’s favorite marmalade-loving bear back to our screens for his third journey. After facing two evil villains in his previous two films, Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant, Paddington Bear returns to Peru for a third adventure.

The franchise was formerly directed by Paul King, but after stepping away to shoot “Wonka,” starring Timothée Chalamet, Dougal Wilson takes over behind the camera.

When a production date was announced last year, King stated, “After ten years of working on the “Paddington” films, I feel absurdly protective of the little bear, and I’m delighted that Dougal will be there to hold his paw as he embarks on his third big screen adventure.” Dougal’s work is consistently astounding: humorous, gorgeous, sincere, inventive, and completely unique. Aunt Lucy once urged us, ‘Please look after this bear.’ I am confident Dougal will do well. (via Deadline).

Since the aforementioned update was verified, we’ve discovered which celebs will appear, and the first teaser has given us our best glimpse yet at what type of difficulty Paddington will be in this time around. Here is all we know about “Paddington 3.”

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‘Paddington 3’ Release Date: When is ‘Paddington in Peru’ Out?

It has been six years since the popular bear last appeared on the big screen, but “Paddington 3” now has a guaranteed release date! The new film will initially be released in the United Kingdom on November 8, 2024.

Viewers outside Paddington’s native nation will have to wait a little longer to see his next trip. Now that the trailer is out (more on that below), we know when the film will be released in the United States: January 17, 2025.

Paddington 3: Plot

In ‘Paddington 3’, the plot of “Paddington in Peru” has the bear returning home to meet Aunt Lucy.

The summary reads: “Paddington in Peru” takes Paddington’s adventure to Peru, where he returns to see his beloved Aunt Lucy, who now lives at the Home for Retired Bears. A spectacular adventure awaits the Brown family as a mystery leads them on an unexpected trek across the Amazon jungle and up to Peru’s mountain peaks.

Paddington 3: Cast

The “Paddington 3” cast is basically the same (with a few new names), with one big exception: Sally Hawkins will not return to play Paddington’s mother, Mrs. Brown. Emily Mortimer, who you may recognize from “The New Look” on Apple TV Plus, will take her position.

“For me, it has seemed fitting to pass the reins over to someone,” Hawkins said in a 2023 Variety statement, “and one can’t get much better than the absolutely amazing Emily Mortimer; she is extremely unique. However, I am and will remain in love with Paddington’s world. I already miss my on-screen and off-screen family; working on the first two films was some of the finest and most creative experiences I’ve ever had in the film industry. They both brought me so much delight. I shall always cherish them dear to my heart.”

Furthermore, we are aware that Antonio Banderas is portraying riverboat captain Hunter Cabot, while Olivia Colman has joined the fandom to play the “blithe and sunny guitar-playing nun” in charge of Aunt Lucy’s home for retired bears.

At one time, Rachel Zegler was confirmed to play Cabot’s daughter Gina; however, she was unable to begin filming because of the Hollywood strikes, so Carla Tous, a rookie, took over in her place.

Paddington 3 Cast List

  • Ben Whishaw as the voice of Paddington Bear
  • Hugh Bonneville as Mr. Brown
  • Emily Mortimer as Mrs. Brown
  • Imelda Staunton as the voice of Paddington’s Aunt Lucy
  • Jim Broadbent as Mr. Gruber
  • Madeleine Harris as Judy Brown
  • Samuel Joslin as Jonathan Brown
  • Julie Walters as Mrs. Bird
  • Carla Tous as Gina
  • Olivia Colman as the Reverend Mother
  • Antonio Banderas as Hunter Cabot

Is there a ‘Paddington 3’ trailer yet? Find out here
Yes! The first “Paddington in Peru” trailer, released on June 12, establishes the stakes for Paddington Bear’s third journey. Following a classic photo booth disaster, he and the Brown family travel to Peru to see Aunt Lucy. However, when he arrives, the nun in charge of the Home for Retired Bears informs him that Lucy has gone on a journey. So the Browns and their new friends decide to follow in her footsteps and venture into the bush. As you might anticipate, havoc ensues. Watch the “Paddington 3” trailer below.


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