Ricardo Drue Passes Away at 38

ricardo drue
Ricardo Drue

Soca star Ricardo Drue Passes Away at 38, known for hits such as Vagabond and Toxic, as well as several other chart-topping songs, has died, according to several Caribbean media outlets, including national broadcaster ABS Radio/TV. of Antigua and Barbuda.

The shocking news has shocked the socialite world as Antigua-born Drew, aged just 38, was at the peak of his career and had recently proposed to fellow socialite superstar Patrice Roberts.

According to the ABS, Drew was pronounced dead at Lester Bird Hospital on Tuesday afternoon after he was found unconscious.

One of Mr. Drew’s latest and greatest hits, Tornado, was produced by Virgin Islands resident Irian Williams, the respected musician and recording artist best known as the Swanks.

Who is Ricardo Drew’s wife?

Who is Ricardo Drew’s wife? In the world of Caribbean music, the relationship between Ricardo Drew and Patrice Roberts stands as a testament to the love and shared passion for soca music.

Although there is no confirmation of their marriage as of my update, their engagement and partnership, both personal and professional, has been a highlight in the Caribbean music scene.

Ricardo Drew and Patrice Roberts: A Musical Connection

Ricardo Drew, known for his soca hits like “Vagabond” and “Professional,”  and Patrice Roberts, a soca sensation and lead singer of the band The A-Team, have been a brilliant duo in the music industry. Their relationship goes far beyond their personal relationship, as they have collaborated on various musical projects, enthralling audiences with their chemistry on and off stage.

Ricardo Drue: Engagement

The engagement of Ricardo Drew and Patrice Roberts was a celebrated moment in the Caribbean music community. The couple shared a deep understanding and respect for each other, not only as partners but also as artists. This mutual admiration and support was evident in their public appearances and performances.

Ricardo Drue: Impact each other’s careers

Both Riccardo and Patrice have significantly influenced each other’s musical journey. Their collaboration created a unique blend of their individual styles, creating memorable music that resonated with fans around the world. They often praised each other’s talents and contributions to the Caribbean music scene.

Ricardo Drue: A Partnership Beyond Music

The relationship between Ricardo Drew and Patrice Roberts was not just limited to music. He shared life experiences, challenges, and successes and became a role model for many aspiring artists. Their journey together showed how personal and professional lives can harmoniously intertwine.

Final words

While specific information about Ricardo Drew’s marital status is unclear as of the latest available information, his relationship with Patrice Roberts remains an important part of his life story. Together, they created a legacy that far exceeded their individual achievements, leaving an indelible mark on the world of Caribbean music.


  1. Ricardo drue age?

    Born on July 31, 1985 | 38 Years old

  2. Where is ricardo drue from?

    Antiguan national

  3. Who is ricardo drue wife?

    Patrice Roberts

  4. Ricardo drue net worth?

    Net worth: $600 Million

  5. How long has patrice roberts and ricardo drue been together?

    The singers of “Toxic Love” have openly revealed and confirmed their relationship on social media for the last three years. If Roberts and Drue had married, they would have followed in the footsteps of Bunji Garlin and Fay Ann Lyons as Soca couples.


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