TECNO Launches SPARK 20 Pro 5G: Specs and Features


The first 5G smartphone in the SPARK 20 Series, the SPARK 20 Pro 5G, was revealed today by cutting-edge tech company TECNO. The newest model in the Series, a potent new 5G smartphone, with a 108MP Ultra Sensing Main Camera, an exceptional high-speed 5G chipset, and a stylish new appearance with Lamé Curve camera design. The new gadget, which follows the previously released SPARK 20 Pro+, SPARK 20 Pro, and SPARK 20, pushes the boundaries of excellent value and innovation in its mid-range price category with a range of interesting upgrades and commanding performance.

Starting on June 20, SPARK 20 Pro 5G will be sold in Saudi Arabia and then in a few other Middle Eastern, African, Southeast Asian, and Latin American regions.

Experience Unforgettable Entertainment with a Powerful Processor

The SPARK 20 Pro 5G is driven by the astonishing MediaTek Dimensity 6080 5G processor, a very efficient octa-core 6nm CPU with an excellent AnTuTu benchmark score of over 430,000. The SPARK 20 Pro 5G’s connectivity choices will be fast and reliable. The Smart 5G capabilities dynamically adapt 4G/5G settings according on the scenario and network environment, increasing speeds while decreasing battery consumption, and UPS Ultra battery Signal enhances signal strength, stability, and data rates. It also has Linkbooming 1.0, which reduces latency by up to 25%, improving the entire networking experience, and Super Wi-Fi for faster speeds and lower battery use.

With the SPARK 20 Pro 5G, every moment of enjoyment is a breathtaking sight. It has both Hi-Res certified stereo twin speakers and Dolby Atmos, which bring movies, games, and music to life like never before. The gadget also provides the ultimate calling experience, with 400% Big Volume giving a significant boost to sound output. A 120Hz FHD Hole Screen ensures that entertainment looks as good as it sounds, with bold and beautiful visuals, while TECNO’s latest Smart Refresh algorithm intelligently uses the most appropriate screen display refresh rate based on the usage scenario to deliver the ultimate user experience while saving battery life.

Introducing a Sleek New Look with Premium Finishes

The Spark 20 Pro 5G has an updated design language that preserves the chic flare of the Spark series while showcasing the beauty of technology. The very smooth rear cover’s square and circular elements are expertly balanced by the simple Lamé Curve Camera Island design. StarTrail Black, Glossy White, and Neon Green are the three colors that complement the elegant design and offer each gadget a distinct personality. The Spark 20 Pro 5G has an excellent appearance, but it also has a superior finish with wristwatch-grade nano-etched texture, which is frequently found in high-end watch designs. Last but not least, the gadget has opulent, skin-friendly Tech Art leather that is modeled by the interiors of high-end cars. Its delicate texture shines in both design and function.

Bringing Next-Level Features to the Mid-Range Market

SPARK 20 Pro 5G has an outstanding 108MP Ultra Sensing Main Camera with 3x lossless in-sensor zoom and 10x digital zoom to capture every detail up close and from a distance. Whether outdoors in nature or indoors in gloomy conditions, the camera, which includes cutting-edge technologies such as 9-in-1 Adaptive Pixel technology and Super Night Mode, allows SPARK enthusiasts to record their surroundings with stunning clarity. To ensure that SPARK 20 Pro 5G users never miss out on the perfect shot, the device has a 1600 cycle long-life 5000mAh battery with 33W Super Charge and a variety of intelligent charging modes that deliver long-lasting power; and with a massive 256GB ROM+16GB RAM*(8GB+8GB Extended), there’s even more memory for those amazing shots. The tablet also has TECNO’s HiOS 14 operating system, which is based on Android 14, providing additional helpful features and a smooth user experience.

SPARK 20 Pro 5G, with its attractive look, outstanding imagery, and seamless performance, provides worldwide users with a 5G experience that is unique in its class. The new gadget, which has innovative technology and a high-end design, embodies TECNO’s continued aim to provide exciting innovation and value to TECNO fans all around the world.


TECNO is a cutting-edge technology brand that works in over 70 nations and regions across five continents. Since its inception, TECNO has been changing the digital experience in expanding global markets, continuously striving for the optimal marriage of current, attractive design with cutting-edge technologies. By providing cutting-edge innovation through a variety of smartphones, smart wearables, laptops, tablets, HiOS operating systems, and smart home devices, TECNO has evolved into a renowned leader in its target areas. With the motto “Stop At Nothing,” TECNO is dedicated to enabling the newest and greatest technology for those who have an eye toward the future. TECNO encourages people all across the world to never give up on their best selves and their best futures by producing chic, smart items. You may always check TECNO’s official website for further information.


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